the path to resolution

Mediation is a collaborative process to help people constructively find their way through conflict. It involves both parties sitting down in a room together with a mediator who will guide you through a facilitated discussion designed to give each of you a chance to have your concerns heard in a safe environment. Mediation encourages the creative brainstorming of new ideas for resolving the conflict between you.

Our mediator, Felicia Staub, will guide you through the process without favoring one side or the other. She has been professionally trained to facilitate difficult communication between people and will help keep the conversation productive and moving forward. All conversations in mediation are confidential. All parties are expected to treat each other respectfully, without name-calling, interrupting, or using inflammatory language. You will be asked to share your side of the story openly and honestly and listen in the same manner while the other party shares their side of the story. We ask that you be willing to negotiate and keep an open mind about possible solutions.

Mediation allows you to maintain control over the outcome of your dispute rather than handing decision-making power over to a judge or jury. Court is a win/lose process and sometimes a lose/lose process, whereas mediation is a win/win process. Any resolution you come to is voluntary and must be agreeable to both parties in order to take effect. Mediation avoids the emotional cost of court and is much less expensive. It allows you to be more creative in forming solutions. You can exchange money, barter goods or services, do a work trade, or any other possibility that works for both of you rather than being limited to a monetary solution like you are in court. It is a cooperative process rather than an adversarial process, promoting collaboration and reducing conflict. Mediation can help improve the communication between you and increase the chances for productive discussions in the future. This is especially important when those in conflict will have a continuing relationship after the mediation.

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the path to resolution

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