the path to resolution

Disputes that end up in court are well-suited for mediation. Mediation offers many advantages over court for this kind of conflict. It allows you to maintain control over the outcome rather than giving decision-making power to a judge or jury. It allows you to work through a process with someone professionally trained and skilled at communicating who can keep both sides talking respectfully and constructively, while ensuring forward movement toward resolution. Small claims and civil disputes include conflicts over issues involving automobiles (accidents, negligence, personal injury, auto sales, etc.), breach of contract (consumer/merchant, money issues, professional/client, etc.), business, construction, financial, landlord/tenant, neighbor, noise nuisance, property, real estate, workplace, and many other issues. We also do settlement conferences.

Conversation Peace Mediation's mediator, Felicia Staub, has extensive experience with small claims and civil mediation. She has mediated at court in Whatcom and Skagit counties in Washington since 2008, mediating hundreds of cases, the vast majority of which have successfully reached resolution. Additionally, the majority of parties that don't come to agreement still indicate a high level of satisfaction with the experience and improvement to their communication with the other party.

Conversation Peace Mediation
the path to resolution

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