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Divorce can be a thorny process, no matter who initiated it and what caused it. You may have a lot to figure out, including how to divide your property and debts, custody and other decisions concerning your children, and other issues.

Mediation provides a confidential atmosphere in which to have these discussions. It allows both of you to have your concerns heard in a safe environment in which you maintain decision-making power over the outcome rather than handing that power to attorneys and judges. The mediator helps you identify common ground and shared interests, which may otherwise be difficult to see because of the history between you and the emotions of the breakup. Mediation gives greater choice in your decisions so that you can create an agreement specific to your particular situation. This comes at much less expense, both emotionally and financially, and allows you to shift your relationship from a marriage relationship toward a co-parenting one.

Other Family Issues
Despite our best intentions, conflict can develop between family members. This type of conflict can be highly emotionally charged since there are pre-existing relationships, often with many expectations and well-established, possibly dysfunctional ways of communicating. Over time individual family members may grow into set roles within the family with vast knowledge about how to push each others' buttons. Then when additional stresses are added, such as teenage independence concerns, family members going into business together, elders needing nursing home care, or the death of a loved one and subsequent inheritances, conflict can arise.

Mediation helps family members have a productive conversation in which all perspectives are heard and everyone is treated with respect and care. This allows family members to brainstorm new options to resolve the conflict. Mediation helps the family discuss these options and come to an agreement acceptable to all involved.

Conversation Peace Mediation does the following types of family mediations and more:

Conversation Peace Mediation helps families in the throes of a divisive conflict come together in a safe, confidential environment to discuss the issues, explore what is fueling this for each person, identify common ground, brainstorm and discuss options for resolution, and write up an agreement that is acceptable to all involved parties.

Conversation Peace Mediation
the path to resolution

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